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The Heart Intelligence

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

- Nikola Tesla

Dearest Friends, I hope you are all well and finding ways to be grounded and living life from the heart.  We have so many changes happening around us and old unresolved traumas coming to surface with so much speed that our nervous systems leaves us anxious and overwhelmed. Tending to ourselves and personal healing and the need to be in our heart space in order to make grounded decisions has never been needed as much as right now. The brain likes stability, normalcy and consistency. It does not like change specially ones that we are not in control of. So it is important to stay connected to our heart intelligence.  The heart sends more information to the brain than the other way around. This has been known since the 1800's.  According to an experiment conducted by Heartmath Institude, the heart seems to be connected to a type of intuition that is not bound with the limit of space and time. Participants were connected to sensors to measure their heart beats and brain waves, then randomly generated images of high emotional arousal and low emotional arousal scenes were shown on the screen. And the fascinating thing was, the heart seemed to know what image was going to pop on the screen few seconds before. If the future images were of emotionally high arousal, the heart rate started dropping 5 sec before the image was randomly selected by the computer. So here's how it works - the information intuitively first comes to the heart, the heart sends messages to the brain, the brain interprets the message recieved by creating how to feel, then the brain sends messages to the gut and the body responds by gut feelings or the hairs on the skin stand up, goosebumps. Until it becomes to the conscious stage - the feeling stage, the heart, 5 seconds before, has already recieved the message. So as much as the breath is important for the quality of our health, accessing the heart intelligence is as much important to make heart centered decisions and to reduce stress and anxiety. When the mind, heart and emotion are in coherence, we will have inner calmness.

Exercise I have been using this method for many years which I find very affective and I recently found out that Heartmath has introduced similar exercise to help regulate thoughts and emotions. This tool will help you feel energised, feel positive and help with creativity and stress reduction. Take your attention to the space around your heart, imagining the breath is flowing in and out of your heart space. Taking your breath deeper and slower every time. Continue with this until you feel a natural rhythm. Regenerating feelings of appreciation and love, focusing on feelings of calmness.  Keep breathing this feeling right into the center of your chest until you feel like you've slowed down and feel calm and balanced on the inside. This exercise provides a new connection to your intuitive intelligence to help with discernment when making decision.

Wishing you all a calm month of July tapping in to your heart intelligence.

Do reach out if you would like support in delving deep into your healing process and I will be happy to help.

Love, Seta

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