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“The most powerful creative state to bring your desires into reality is to bring the conscious and subconscious into unison then keeping your heart and mind in perfect sync.”
― Steven Redhead

What is Sacred Coherence?
Sacred Coherence is the sacred space I provide for my clients to transition from feeling stuck to having the freedom and inner peace to create mind and body coherence, by transforming their limiting beliefs and healing their nervous system. This allows them to free their voice, set their personal boundaries while feeling empowered to become their best version to have improved relationship with themselves and others.

This program is a combination of different teachings that I have studied and personally used over the past 20 years that I found transformative for what I was presenting. 

The fast healing methods were short lived for me because with what I was presenting, CPTSD and co-dependency, my nervous system held clusters of trauma with different beliefs. When I tried to heal and transform one, another was activated and needed support which led to feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed. 

This 12 week container is the combination of healing (based on the principles of Craniosacral Therapy), ancient wisdom, alchemy, neuroscience, nervous system regulation, meridians and the energetics of trauma. This method together with your dedication, will and focus on your healing journey, will plant the seeds for safe, integrated, grounded and embodied you. 

How can Sacred Coherence help:

1. Building our foundation so the results are embodied.

2. Tools to enrich our inner resources for regulated nervous system. 

3. Befriending our body and understanding our emotions and triggers so we can have a healthier communication and expression.

4. Understanding and working with our inner child energy to build inner safety and trust, attract safe and trustworthy relationships, circumstances and opportunities.

5. Understanding how our mind works, our core beliefs and root causes of our thoughts, feelings and pattern of our behaviours so we can consciously create a healthier mind and body.

6. Nurturing ourselves, accepting our worth and creating healthy boundaries for improved relationship with ourselves and others. When we understand ourselves, we understand others.

7. Connecting weekly for discussions and healing. 

8. Ongoing support.

9.  Accountability for forward progress. 

What Sacred Coherence does not include is:

1. False positivity.

2. Fixing ourselves because we are not broken, instead we are remembering our true nature.

Does this describe you?

Feeling stuck, unable to move forward, not knowing how to get out of this prison of inner negative dialogue, there is no escape, fear feels so crippling. 


Feeling unworthy, unloved, unseen and unheard. 

Feeling happy and worthy when others are happy. Chasing for acceptance and recognition from others.


Feeling alone even with others, needing to fill that void in the heart, craving clarity, peace and meaningful connection. 


Emotions fluctuating from anxiety to feeling overwhelmed and sometimes even numb, not knowing where these emotions came from, creating even more confusion. 


Noticing how others feel so confident and free, wanting that for self but unable to feel worthy enough, thinking 'if only….' and give up because it feels like a distant dream…


until the next time the desire comes up again, but the inner critical voice screams louder and louder each time…


Overcoming our mental prison is what leads us to freedom & inner peace.

Feeling complete and capable of achieving anything we put our mind to. 

Feeling safe and supported because we've learnt new ways of being, of building supportive inner resources, healthy boundaries and expression.


Our relationships are improving because our own relationship with ourselves has become healthier. Connected to our inner world knowing who we truly are, not needing outside approval.


Nothing outside of us phases our mood because we are in tune with our own thoughts and emotions and when negative circumstances occur, we know how to regulate our nervous system back to alignment safely, since now our inner resources are rich with tools.


We know we are enough and are so worthy!


We have inner peace that feels so freeing. 



Consultation is done via zoom during our discovery call to take your case history, to discuss the session, address your enquiries, your expectations and needs. 

How are the sessions booked?

I provide in person and via zoom whichever is your preference or based on location.

The program is 12 weeks with weekly sessions and ongoing support.

How long is the session?

Each session is 90 minutes long.

What is the investment?


Price plan is available.

Here's how clients have described their experience

1-1 program of 12 consecutive weeks of 90 min sessions  

Application via scheduling a Discovery Call

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