CranioSacral Therapy Session

"Seta is a compassionate and highly trained therapist who works with the utmost integrity. I came to her for treatment when I needed a lot of physical and emotional support and she has been there every step of the way helping me heal on many levels. In one session she was able to access an old physical memory of a milk allergy triggered when I was a child that was linked to a debilitating autoimmune disorder.

She's highly knowledgeable and intuitive, and is able to create a safe environment to explore and release what is no longer serving you."

- BD

2nd of June 2020

Transformative Distant Healing


Seta gave me a Transformative Distant Healing session recently. I arrived on Zoom with a sore throat and feeling slightly run down, however by the end of the session I felt energised and my throat felt calmer. Also I asked Seta to play more attention to my jaw and mouth due to clenching at night. Over the days following I felt something had subtly released here and tooth sensitivity had subsided. I am a big fan of remote working and support its power 100%. Thank you for a great treatment Seta.


24th of Nov 2020

CranioSacral Therapy Session


"Seta is a very special and gifted holistic practitioner. For over 15 years I have visited her for skincare and beauty treatments and latterly for Cranial Sacral Therapy. Even before Seta trained in CST (and more so now) any session with her always left me feeling grounded with a greater sense of peace and calm. She is kind, gentle, wise and a natural healer who is dedicated to helping her clients reconnect with and heal themselves"

- Jill

17th of August, 2019


Transformative Distant Healing Session

"Seta's deep awareness and safe, caring presence allowed me to experience a profound depth within me that I had never accessed before. In my session with Seta, my body released tension around my neck and head, giving me more clarity in my mind and calming my nervous system. I didn't know I was carrying this tension until it had released. Thank you, Seta! "

- Tilby

23rd of July 2020

Flower Bud Petals

Gua Sha Therapy


Thank you for a lovely treatment.

I can't tell you enough how good I feel since my Gua Sha facial and by you simply asking me to relax my eyes and jaw, it has really helped me no end! My face and eyes feel relaxed, I feel calm and happy and generally just feel better. Thank you for listening and for your understanding. Those tears I shed on your treatment table came from deep down, I had no idea I needed to release those or I held sadness from way back, so thank you for helping that happen. I hardly ever talk about my shame of addiction and yet I felt so safe and warm with you, thank you Seta .

Ahh, I'm so grateful and amazed how my life is unfolding and I'm so grateful I've found you.

D. O.

13th of December 2020

Transformative Distant Healing Session


"Another day dawns and I had a really good night's sleep and I feel more on top of things! Thank you so much"

- Sue

 9th of July 2020


CranioSacral Therapy Session


"I have known Seta for many years. She has a wonderful gift of serenity. One never leaves her sessions without feeling healed, be it physically or spiritually. She takes great care in all the treatments she does and is a very special person."

- Sue

6th of April 2020

Transformative Distant Healing Session

I've noticed it since our session, I feel nice and easy, that feeling of heaviness and density has lifted and dispersed somehow. I feel more spacious inside my mind and body, clearer, not as complicated or stuck, and because of that it feels as though it's easier to cope with the daily day to day stuff as well as thoughts and feelings of the past. I've been making a conscious effort in most everything I'm doing, I'm taking part in all those little things that make up the day and it feels good, I feel safer Seta. I've been practising forgiving myself, instead of cringing and curling my toes when I think of something I'm ashamed and guilty of, I've been trying to sit with it and forgive myself instead, and remind myself I did what I could at the time. I feel hopeful Seta, a real solid feeling of goodness that all will be well.

I'm so so grateful to you Seta, thank you.

I can't believe my good fortune that our paths have crossed and how much you are helping me. At last I feel like I'm discovering what it feels like to be me...

- D. O.

17th of February 2021

Transformative Distant Healing Session

I have had weekly Distant Healing sessions with Seta for the past two months. Over the time, I've noticed a big shift in my ability to handle stress in my life. I always feel so settled and clear after the sessions. I've been able to heal old patterns that I have carried from childhood and the sessions helped ease some of the tightness and tension in different parts of my body. Seta is a very skilled, compassionate practitioner and she creates a safe and healing space. I would highly recommend working with her.

- Kelly

25th of July 2020

Transformative Distant Healing Session


"I have been seeing Seta for remote sessions and the results are just profound as with hands-on work. The connection is direct and releases happen quickly, with twists unravelling and emotions surfacing to be let go.

Seta has a naturally kind and empathetic approach and offers safe, knowledgeable space for transformative healing."

- BD

2nd of June 2020

CranioSacral Therapy Session


"A session with Seta is a wonderful journey into self healing, a relaxing beautiful experience. Seta has a wonderful, natural gift and a beautiful energy which calms and soothes as she encourages your own energy to heal oneself, this backed with a true depth of knowledge, makes Seta somebody I would always highly recommend"

- Piers

1st of August 2019

Transformative  Distant Healing Session

" I experienced a wonderful relaxing, fully resourced distant session with Seta. She provided a very safe, nurturing, supportive container for me to connect in with my body and help me to understand and translate what my body was trying communicating to me. I was blown away by Seta's knowledge of our anatomy. "

- Brid

24th of July 2020



"I wanted to say a big thank you for your service. As you know I have been coming for treatments with you for the last 2 years. Your warm and friendly aura immediately puts you at ease. With all of your knowledge you are able to answer any questions and concerns I may have. I always feel better after I have been to see you and wholly recommend her"

- Andrew

13th of September, 2019

Transformative Distant Healing Session

"Seta's distance work is beyond wonderful, precise and supportive, she has a beautiful way of understanding what the body needs and supporting releasing and healing at all levels from physical to emotional and spiritual. She has the most incredible heart and makes you feel instantly safe, at ease and understood."

- Safa

19th of July 2020

CranioSacral Therapy Session


"Treatment has helped - much better night. You are the best Seta "

- Karen

15th of July 2020

Transformative Distant Healing Session

I had a session with Seta, she was so supportive and helped me to connect with myself and improved my confidence.


24th of July 2020

CranioSacral Therapy Session


"You are amazing, I can put weight on my foot today"

- Karen

6th of August 2019

CranioSacral Therapy Session


"Thank you again ever so much. I walked up the road and felt no pain and much lighter.

Looking forward to the next session.

With thanks and best wishes."

- Ruth

9th of April 2019


CranioSacral Therapy Session

"I don't know what you did to me this afternoon but I feel great tonight! Thank you."

- Linda

24th of July 2020

CranioSacral Therapy Session


"Seta has looked after me for many years at my local salon and I was very interested to learn that she was training in her spare time to qualify for the craniosacral therapy treatment which I have now been enjoying with her for the past two years. She is a wonderfully calm person and totally dedicated to her work and I cannot recommend highly enough to spend a most relaxed hour in her company."

- JW

9th of August 2019

Green Plant

Transformational Distant Healing Session


"Seta is a true healer, her sessions are powerful and compassionate. The breadth of her knowledge, from anatomy trhrough emotion to soul, is very deep. I feel I can bring anything to Seta and I feel completely seen and understood without judgement. I always leave new, hopeful and changed."

- Thea

23rd of August 2020

Transformative  Distant Healing Session

"I had a beautiful distant healing session with Seta. there was a real sense of understanding and patience in how she helped me to find my level of comfort and name what was bothering me. A lingering stiffness in my neck melted, and by the end I felt strong and peaceful, and deeply connected."


24th of July 2020

Transformative Distant healing Session


"I have had treatment of all kinds from Seta for nearly all the time she has been offering these treatments and she has become my “rock”. During these times of lockdown , her remote healing sessions have been a revelation and really supported me through both physical and mental ups and downs. She is brilliant and so sensitive to ones moods."


27th of August 2020