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Our Throat & Voice

Our throat is our communication and purification center.

Our throat energy includes:

Our voice.

Our listening skills.

Our ability to stay silent.

We clear our internal resistances by voicing them out.

It is very much connected to:

Our heart energy - Anything suppressed or unresolved in our hearts can also block our throat and communication.

Our root and womb energy and feelings of shame. Shame is one of the densest root cause emotions, the other being fear. Shame and fear are ancestral wounds that are passed down through generations which we have made it our own.

It is the bridge between our head and our heart. Conflict between these two areas will block our throat and our ability to voice ourselves.

Healing our throat energy by itself is not enough. It also requires healing our lower energy centers, our hearts, our self limiting beliefs, getting out of our minds and connecting back to our body and into our feelings.

Supportive Mantras for the throat:

I have a powerful voice.

I speak my truth with confidence and ease.

I am comfortable being in silence.

I am a compassionate listener.

Journaling enquiries we can make:

Is your throat energy overactive, underactive or balanced?

Do you find you feel more comfortable speaking or listening?

Can you sit in silence without a busy mind?

If you would like to book a free consultation to discuss your healing journey please do reach out on


ABOUT ME: My name is Séta, I am an intuitive healer, I do Transformative Distant Healing and Craniosacral Therapy. I provide a safe space for you to release past trauma and help you reach your greatest potential with confidence If you would like to book a free consultation to discuss your healing journey, please contact me on

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