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Shedding our Old

"How beautifully leaves grow!

How full of light and colour are their last days"

- John Boroughs


Hello beautiful friends,

How have you been managing your emotions lately?

Have you been listening to your body and responding to its needs accordingly?

We are at a time when listening to our needs and prioritising ourselves has never been so important. It is not selfish to put ourselves first because when we look after ourselves, we are able to help others too. By making our no a "Sacred No" where our words and feelings are in harmony. instead of saying yes to things we don't want to do because we cannot say no to others.

The seasons teach us how to flow with the death and rebirth cycle of nature. Now that the days are shorter and the leaves are falling, just like nature, we too slow down, contract and go inwards. In order to embrace our future selves, just like the leaves, the old self needs to die. But in order to go through the death process, one needs to grieve to complete the cycle. 

The month of November helps us to do just that, contract, slow down, go inwards, observe the lessons we have learnt and grieve and forgive our old selves to birth the new. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine autumn is associated with our lungs and large intestine. The emotions they hold is grief & sadness, and associated with letting go.

One of the best ways to help these organs is to breathe deep into our bellies, this way we are bringing oxygen to our body and eliminating the carbon dioxide. Holding on to emotions long term could affect the elimination process of our digestive system. So shedding the old, would be the perfect way to rebirth ourselves. Not only within but in our surroundings too. Have you outgrown or haven't worn some of the clothes that you no longer connect with and still keep it in your wardrobe? Maybe your new self wouldn't wear or resonate with some of the styles you used to wear. Why not donate them to charity and recycle the energy. 

The best way to stay healthy is to flow with nature's cycle with harmony.

What old beliefs, thoughts, emotions are you shedding this month? 

Mine is old ancestral belief that I cannot be a good mother, partner and be a successful entrepreneur. It belongs to the times when women weren't allowed to work, it is time to shed that old belief for me.

My offering for the whole month of November is 10% off the Gua Sha Face Therapy sessions to prepare the skin within and without for the harsh upcoming weather, as well as help balance the meridians.

The benefits of regular Gua Sha are: Aids in Lymphatic Drainage Helps with Collagen & Elastin Fibres Softening of Lines Helps with dark circles and puffiness Reduction in Muscle Tension Healthy Complexion Aids reduction of Acne Aids with Skin Pigmentation

Why not try some of the other therapies I offer to assist with your transformation in these challenging times - in person sessions of Craniosacral Therapy, Cura Holistic Skin Therapy and zoom sessions of Transformative Distant Healing

May your flow with nature be with ease and in harmony.

Sending you love from my heart to yours,

Seta x

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