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What is Transformative Distant Healing

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

"Be like the birds, and sing after every storm."

- Beth Mende Conny

Dearest Friend,

I hope you are finding reasons no matter how small that is making you smile.

Today's topic is quantum physics which is the science behind the Distant Healing.

What is Transformative Distant Healing?

According to quantum physics, the entire Universe including all living things are made of energy. We each have our biomagnetic field, within the Universe's electromagnetic field, we all are connected to each other through this electromagnetic field of the Universe.

In this sea of energy, the small light particles called protons are in constant interaction with each other, influencing one another. This work was observed by Bell and Brohm who demonstrated non locality and quantum entanglement. Our thoughts and attention are also part of this quantum interaction. Energy/Qi flows where we place our attention. When we place our attention in one part of the body, that part of the body will respond, whether we have our hands on contact or off the body.

Have you ever experienced a time when you thought about a friend you haven't seen for years and all of a sudden they contact you just after they pop into your thoughts.

When we broaden our attention, we tune in to the subtle energies of the Universal Force that extends beyond the body - we tune in to the whole person and the energy matrix of the individual, interacting with the energy matrix of the world and environment around them.

Almost 100 years ago, Einstein also talked about "spooky things" happening from a distance implying to quantum physics.

Distant healing has been a part of ancient beliefs, cultures and indeginous tribes who believed and still do to this day in the interconnectedness of all and the ability to send and receive healing and prayers whether it is in Reiki the Universal Energy, Shamanic healing, religious prayers, loving kindness meditations and so on.

There has been quite few experiments and research conducted regarding distant healing in the past 30-40 years which you'll find couple of them HERE and HERE

Over the years of studying and experiencing different modalities in order to heal myself and to achieve deeper connection to my soul, I have come across and experimented with few teachings which I either have enrolled in long term studies or took part in regular workshops and classes and still do to this day.

I draw in my training and gained knowledge of 2 decades into this profound healing session, coupled with deep meditative state, to achieve deep connection and restoration as well as help harmonize your physical, energetic and emotional systems.

What happens during a session?

We begin with a consultation via zoom to take your case history, to discuss the session, your expectations and needs. Zoom will be left on during the session for when communication is needed during the treatment.

I then ask you to retreat and lie down in a comfortable, quiet space, guide you to a deeper relaxation and tune into your field and energetic system which stores all your life experiences.

Dialoguing is an important part of the distant therapy that provides means to help you be aware of your system and held emotions in specific ways - which can then have a very powerful effect on how your system responds to the treatment to resolve it.

During the session, clients report their experience of warmth, relaxation and release of tension from their system.

Distant Healing Therapy benefits any condition. Clients who have come to me, sought relief from physical pain, nerve pain, ancestral clearing, birth patterns, allergies, stress, ME

How long is the session?

The session is an hour with treatment time around 35-45 minutes.

After the session

The response from my clients are very positive. They feel very relaxed, de-stressed, feel expansive, aware of the area I am working on, reduction in swelling due to water retention, reduction in pain and discomfort and emotionally balanced, reduction in digestive issues amongst other positive results.

It is adviseable to rest after the session and drink plenty of water.

Here's what other clients have described their own experience


​Wishing you all a warm month of June.

Do reach out if you would like support in delving deep into your healing process and I will be happy to help.

Love, Seta

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