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Exercise To Relax The Stomach Meridian

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

If you suffer from anxiety, digestion issues or tight Quadriceps, here's an exercise that will help your Stomach Meridian relax which in turn will help these issues when practiced regularly.

  • Kneel down on the floor, bring your heels together with the top of the feet touching the floor and the buttocks resting on the heels, as demonstrated in the photo.

  • If this pose is difficult on your ankles, you can roll a towel and place it under the ankles for support.

  • Keep your back, neck and head aligned and straight, eyes looking forward, palms resting on knees or thighs and weight distributed evenly on your sitbones.

  • Hold this position for minimum of 12 slow breaths in & out. If resting on towel, maybe try to remove the towel with the second or third set. Stretches ankles, shins and Quads

  • AIDS in digestion

  • Will help Anxiety when practiced regularly. works on fascia connective tissues and helps release held emotions with longer sessions

  • Stomach meridian is Yang meridian with its Yin Spleen counterpart. It provides Qi from food and fluids to the entire body

  • Do not practice if you have knee or ankle injuries.

  • Do not do these exercises the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Later trimesters go on all fours instead of full pose.

  • It is advisable to practice after warm up exercises.

  • This is a great way to maintain health with regular Craniosacral Therapy sessions for total wellness.

  • I hope this exercise was helpful.

May everyone you meet today be blessed with your smile, your touch, your presence.

Do reach out if you would like support in delving deep into your healing process and I will be happy to help.

Love, Seta

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