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Deeper Connection to our Emotions

What is Anxiety?

We all know what anxiety is and how to detect it in our system but most of us, most of the time do breathing and/or grounding techniques to calm it; which of course are great methods when used daily to calm the anxiety, but without understanding our system, they are just beneficial to maintain our status quo rather than heal it. If we don't delve deeper into the root cause to understand it, it will resurface next time there's a trigger.

Anxiety is a vast subject, here, I will talk about the limitations that it causes within us in. Anxiety is a reaction to something outside of us, like people around us, our environment or even a thought that we don't know what the outcome is going to be, which gives us fear or worry. it is always about the future. It is our alarm system to warn us of any danger that is around us but most of the time it is there to help us break through our limitations that we have created for ourselves due to childhood trauma, because as children we did not understand what was going on or did not know how to respond to it so the body stores our response as a memory and every time something similar comes up, our system becomes anxious, limiting us.

As adults, we would act differently than how we did as children so in order to be able to detect what our system is telling us, we need to befriend it and be aware of our felt sense of what is coming up.

There is an exercise that I do to communicate with my system every morning and evening. The morning session helps the expansion of our energy field due to disrupted sleep. The evening session is to clear all the daily negative energies that we have absorbed from our surroundings thus helping our energy to flow with ease from morning to evening on a daily basis.

1. First step is to check how my energy feels around me and to expand it; if my energy field is too close to my physical body, my system will feel restricted which will cause discomfort in my body. imagine your energy field is like a balloon surrounding you, does it feel too near your skin or is the balloon excludes your legs. Just expand that balloon to 1 meter around you, just by doing this sometimes I feel my breathing becomes deeper and my chest feels lighter.

2. Second step is to scan my body starting from my feet all the way up to my head and observe where it feels different. Restrictions usually are in our midline, examples are; base of spine, lower abdomen between the hips, stomach area, diaphragm from one side of ribcage to the other, heart, between the collarbones, throat, back of head at the base, behind the eyes and forehead.

3. Third step is to associate a feeling where I locate the restriction. Examples of common feelings are; tightness, buzzy or bubbling feeling, lack of focus, foggy head and so on.

4. Fourth step is to name the emotion that is associated in that area. Examples are; anger, fear, frustration, grief, worry, sadness.

Each organ of our body retains and is associated with an emotion. We live in a society where we are taught not to show emotions, specifically the ones that are seen as negative ones.

Boys are told not to show emotion because it is not 'manly', girls not to answer back or 'children should be seen and not heard' so what we do is we hold them in and an emotion which is not expressed, is suppresed and stored in the organs. as a result, over time, we forget how to connect to our emotions, and after prolonged suppression, it either results in extreme emotional expression or illness.

Emotions are only considered pathological when they are contained, suppressed or expressed intensely without control, or out of context.

5. Fifth step is for anyone who prefers a visual approach then you can associate a shape and a colour to it.

6. It might be you will need to move your body or shake it or dance to release this felt emotion, just follow what your body tells you.

Usually, an imbalance in our system starts with lack of flow in our energy field and eventually reaches our physical bodies and results in pain and discomfort. So it is quite beneficial to look after our energy field.

The more we practice, the more we can hear what our systems are telling us.

Sometimes we have our blind spots too and that is where a therapist that you trust is beneficial to help you delve deep into the hidden emotions that are causing the disharmony in your system.

I am an Intuitive Healer, Craniosacral Therapist and face Gua Sha Specialist. My clinic is based in Crouch End where I do hands on Craniosacral therapy and Gua Sha sessions. I also work from home helping women globally with Transformational Distant Healing, who are ready, commited and wanting to delve deep into healing their past trauma. whether in person or remote in the comfort of your own home, the results are as profound. By working together we can explore the system. It can even bring up memories of events or the incident that triggered the emotion to be imbalanced.


If you are on social media, please do click on the link and follow my page because I post regular helpful posts pertaining to healing.

From my heart to yours,

With love, Seta

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