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“The most powerful creative state to bring your desires into reality is to bring the conscious and subconscious into unison then keeping your heart and mind in perfect sync.”
― Steven Redhead

What is Sacred Coherence?
From my personal experiences and my own healing journey, I found that creating mind and heart coherence is the ultimate inner peace that we can achieve for our emotional and mental clarity.

This conflict comes from our core wounding of shame and unworthiness. We use up much of our energy controlling the outcome, we are too much in our mental space and not enough grounded in our body. This conflict will block our throat and our ability to voice ourselves since it is the bridge between our head and our heart.

In order to  achieve this,  we also need to clear and heal the suppressed past trauma we hold in our base of spine, pelvic floor and womb area. Our throat and our womb are connected in so many ways and so will influence each other.


I work with women aged between 35-60 to turn their feelings of unworthiness into empowering thoughts by understanding and helping them to heal the causes of self critical beliefs and shame. This allows them to free their voice and feel empowered with ease and confidence.


Feeling unworthy often means women:

1. Feel they are not good enough.

2. They are perfectionists or workaholics needing to do everything by themselves because no one else will do it as good as them.

3. They have fear of failure which leads them to compare themselves to others.


Which can lead to:


1. Anxious feelings when doing new things at work, presenting in public or meeting new people etc.

2. An overwhelming critical inner voice that emerges when they are achieving new goals at work.

3. Working on autopilot without resting which leads to exhaustion, fatigue or burnout.



1. Mind/heart conflict (eg inability to trust intuition, having to run through scenarios multiple times to make decisions etc

2. Sadness (sometimes not even knowing the reason for having this feeling.

3. Guilt for being away from work when allowing self indulgent time for themselves.



1. People-pleasing and putting everyone else before themselves (which results in eg being drained, feeling alone and misunderstood etc)

2. Losing self identity.

3. Feelings of not belonging in their families, communities etc (growing up they were the black sheep of the family)



1. Regular tension headaches and/or migraines that rise from the upper back and shoulders.

2. Insomnia or sleep disturbance (this usually happens during life changing events in our lives when we worry.

3. Gut issues whether it is indigestion, IBS or sensitivity to foods.


And so the birth of my passion where I provide a sacred space for you to be able to create heart and mind coherence and release your past trauma, find your voice and become the best version of yourself.


Consultation is done via zoom to take your case history, to discuss the session, address your enquiries, your expectations and needs. 

What happens during a Sacred Coherence session?

How are the sessions booked?

Since we all are at different stages of healing and so one's own journey is different then the other, I recommend to begin with a program of 6 weekly sessions. This way we can build up a therapeutic relationship and the space to work together at a much deeper level to dive deep into the root cause of the issue.  

During the session

This session is done in  person and via zoom.

Zoom will be left on during the session when done distantly, for when communication is needed during the treatment. 

You will be lying down in a comfortable, quiet space then guide you to a deeper relaxation and tune into your field and energetic system which stores all your life experiences.

Dialoguing is an important part of this therapy that provides means to help you be aware of your system and held emotions in specific ways - which can then have a very powerful effect on how your system responds to the treatment to resolve it. 

During the session, clients report their experience of warmth, relaxation and release of tension from their system to begin with, followed on with delving into the deeper issues presented.

During the session there are physical, emotional, mental releases and energetic clearing.

How long is the session?

The sessions are 75 minutes long with treatment time around 45 - 50 minutes.


It is advisable to rest and have an easy day after the session and drink plenty of water in order to integrate your system and carry on processing the changes that occurred during the session.

There is occasionally a short period of adjustment as part of the healing process, where you become more aware of the symptoms.

I also provide exercises and/or homework to do at home to help your healing journey.

Here's how clients have described their experience

The science behind Sacred Coherence?

According to quantum physics, the entire Universe including all living things are made of energy. We each have our bio-magnetic field, within the Universe's electromagnetic field, we all are connected to each other through this electromagnetic field of the more about the science bit

Distant Healing Therapy is not intended as primary healthcare but to work alongside the relationship you have with your doctor. 

Single Session 75 min - £111.00

1-1 program of 6 consecutive weekly 75 min sessions -  £555.00