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Skin Health & Complexion

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty."     

- Coco Chanel

What are the signs of a healthy skin?

1. Hydration

Lack of hydration/dehydration is a skin condition which is caused by external factors and anyone can have.

Signs of dehydrated skin are:

* Lack of water

* Dull, silvery colour

* Tight, can feel dry and oily simultaneously

* May be sensitive and may experience breakouts if left untreated for a long time

*Fine dehydrated lines which could become permenant lines when untreated

Common causes of dehydrated skin are weather, environment, diet, incorrect product use & stress.

2. Normal Sensation

When the skin is healthy, the sensation is normal.

Which means it doesn't feel tight, flaky, itchy, hot, burning, sensitive or reactive.

3. Even Tone

Healthy skin has even tone which with age and sun exposure without protection, over time could be prone to uneven tone and age spots

Dehydrated skin or lack of sleep could result in dark circles under the eyes.

Sensitive or reactive skin could have red, blotchy skin.

4. Skin Texture

Healthy skin feels smooth.

Examples of uneven texture are:

* Acne

* Blackheads or whiteheads

* blind spots feels like bumps

* red bumpy reactive skin

I bring in my over 18 years experience in skin and anti ageing industry to the sessions.

During the Face Gua Sha Therapy, and the ultimate Cura Signature Face Therapy sessions where I bring in combination of lymphatic drainage, lifting and sculpting massages that I have come across over my 2 decades of experience, a skin consultation is carried out to assess the skin with face mapping, your health history taken as well as to find out the outcome desired from the session.

Benefits of these face massages are:

* Help maintain the skin's health

* Help support the skin's collagen and elasticity which contribute to the tone of the skin and wrinkle production.

* Help with lymphatic drainage which is our natural toxin clearing system and our immune system.

* With regular sessions help balance skin's oil production, acne, pigmentation, reduce appearence of lines.

* Helps move stagnant fluid under the skin’s surface for freshly oxygenated blood to flow.

Please do reach out if you would like to book a face therapy or to book a free consultation.

Love, Seta

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