Our face is how we express ourselves to others, it is where we hold our emotions and one of the ways that others see and recognise us.

    Designed to help reduce wrinkles and slow the ageing process, improve the contours and health of the face as well as develops your own sense of well being, this masterclass helps the results to work both from inside out and outside in. 

    This masterclass tutorial is the combined discipline of the East & West, of Face Yoga & Gua Sha therapy, it exercises the face muscles & helps improve and maintain the contour of your face, improve lines, wrinkles & saggy skin, giving the face more firmer, sculpted appearance, with regular practice.

    With my in depth knowledge of the skin, face mapping, deep breathing techniques & maintaining a good posture while performing the exercises provided - the combination of these qualities, makes this masterclass Holistic techniques designed to help the inner & outer of your well being.

    Studies carried out by researchers from the Northwestern University in Illinois, US, and published in JAMA Dermatology, shown that 30 minutes of Face Yoga per day, has affects on tightening & lifting the face, reducing the age appearance of the individual by 3 years. The most dramatic affects were the fullness of the upper and lower cheeks.

    Benefits of regular face yoga exercises are:

    * Feelings of relaxation and ease.

    * Clarity of the mind.

    * fewer headaches.

    * Firmer glowing skin.

    * Greater confidence as a result of looking & feeling good.

    * More oxygen to the face.

    * Improved circulation & lymphatic drainage.

    * smoother forehead.

    * Brighter, wider eyes & reduced fine lines.

    * Reduction in under eye circles & puffiness.

    * Reduced puffiness on the face & jawline

    * Improved appearance of wrinkles.

    * More symmetrical face.

    * Higher sculpted cheeks.

    * Straighter nose.

    * Plumper lips & improved fine lines around the mouth.

    * Defined jawline.

    * Smoother neck.

    We have to first, unlearn the bad habits of using our facial muscles that we have been accustomed to in the past.

    What is included in the session:

    The session is 90 minutes beginning the session with warm up exercises, followed with lifting face yoga exercises, finishing off with Gua Sha tutorials. 

    Or if prefered, it can be tutorial of either one or both treatments. 

    An exercise sheet is provided for home practice.

    This tutorial can be done in person or via zoom online.

    Price via zoom remote session: £90.00



    In person appointments

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    Remote appointments

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    I am based in GP's Surgery for in person apointments in Crouch End, North London


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    24 hour notice is required for cancellation

    or 50% of the fee is liable

    Remote sessions are paid upfront


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